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If you are a KAPHAdominant and feeling out of balance, according to Ayurvedic Principles, too much earth has gathered in your mind, body and physical surroundings. As a result, you feel like you may be more sluggish or stuck. To gain more balance, the Kapha needs to bring more open space and fire into his/her physiology.

✓Spend more time outdoors in nature.

✓You enjoy savory flavors, so eat more foods with those sensations. Spicy foods can bring more fire into the digestion and alleviate stress.

✓Meditate at least once a day to soothe the mind and bring more relaxation to your body.

✓Be sure to schedule a time out for yourself every day away from other people and stresses.

✓Give yourself a soothing self-massage using herbal oils.

✓Wear and surround yourself with enlivening scents, such as rosemary, peppermint and jasmine.

✓Wear warmer colors, such as red, orange and whites.

✓Drink herbal teas to soothe your spirit.

✓Add more physical activity into your daily routine, such as running and stretching.

✓Stay physically warm in whatever you do, and try to be more playful in your everyday life.

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