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Once you determine your dominant Dosha – which is another word for energy or life force – with this dynamic Dosha quiz, you will be able to do those things that bring more balance to all areas of your life.

In Ayurveda there are three Dosha types. While each of us has a combination of the three within our being, one Dosha typically stands out. It is our dominant Dosha.

The three ayurvedic Doshas are:

Vata(vah-tah) – corresponding to the elements of wind

Pitta(pit-tah) – corresponding to the elements of fire

Kapha (kah-fa) – corresponding to the elements of earth

Our Ayurvedic body type dosha quiz collects a broad range of information for your well being. It starts by first digging into your basic body type to the observable patterns in your life that together played part in shaping up a bigger part of your adult body and lifestyle.

If at some point you developed an illness that ended up affecting your lifestyle, our dosha quiz aims to give you a road map to the most optimal balance and healing. To achieve this, our dosha quiz provides you with your dominant body type, aka dosha.

While taking our dosha Quiz, if two or more qualities apply to your life, choose one that applies to you the most. More importantly, you don’t have to be clever, just be but honest and you will get the greatest benefit.

The choices you make will be obvious, and that’s the whole point of it. If anything, the answers you pick should be more subjective, and honestly answered according to the feelings you had at a certain point in life or according to the reasons you suspect must have triggered some of your actions.

Furthermore, each Dosha presents with different physical characteristics, emotional responses to stressors and personality traits.

The Vata, for example, is characterized as a creative individual, quick-witted and with a tendency to move a lot and be “on the go.” The Vata typically has a lean body. In contrast, the Kapha is slower moving and may have a large frame or trouble with weight gain.

Each Dosha has a preference for flavors and environments. The Doshas are unique, but can have a few crossover characteristics with the others. Therefore, when seeking true balance, you must know your Dosha. Only then can you address the imbalance(s) correctly so as to reduce your reactions to stress and avoid developing physical ailments and illnesses.

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