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What is Ayurveda and How can it Help me?

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Ayurveda: The Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

If you're looking for a natural way to maintain your health and wellness, then incorporating Ayurveda into your life can be a great option.

Ayurveda is not just a medical system; it is a way of life that has been practiced for thousands of years. Ayurveda emphasizes the use of natural remedies and lifestyle changes to promote wellness and prevent disease.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the human body is made up of five elements: air, water, earth, fire, and ether. These elements combine to form three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and good health depends on the balance of three biological forces called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

These doshas are responsible for a healthy structuro-functional setup of the body. Each dosha has unique requirements, and the quality, quantity, and balance of these doshas depend on various factors such as diet, season, lifestyle, and time of day.

Each person has a unique combination of these doshas, and it is essential to balance them to maintain good health.

This holistic system of medicine  has a myriad of benefits, one of which is its ability to slow down the aging process. While aging is a natural and inevitable process, Ayurveda provides a highly effective approach to maintaining youthful vigor and extending longevity. With its emphasis on dietary and therapeutic measures, Ayurveda offers a range of remedies that can prevent or delay aging and revitalize the body's functional dynamics.

Moreover, Ayurveda stands out from modern medicine because of its natural approach to health and wellness. Unlike synthetic drugs and chemicals often used in modern medicine, Ayurveda uses natural remedies that are derived from medicinal plants and minerals. These remedies are safe, effective, and have little to no side effects, making them a healthier alternative to modern medicine. Whether you are looking to slow down the aging process or simply maintain optimal health and wellness, Ayurveda offers a natural and holistic approach that is worth considering.

Ayurveda emphasizes nutrition and offers therapeutic measures like massage, yoga, meditation, and herbal remedies to promote health and wellness. It provides natural remedies, dietary guidelines, and therapies to prevent disease, slow aging, and achieve balance between mind, body, and spirit. Adopting Ayurvedic principles can lead to a healthy and fulfilling life.

How Nariveda has Simplified Ayurveda for You

Nariveda Offers a Unique Approach to Health and Wellness by Balancing Your Doshas.

According to this practice, balancing the three doshas, improving digestion, and eliminating toxins are essential for creating a healthy internal environment and promoting longevity.

Rasayana is a key concept in Ayurveda that focuses on revitalizing the body and mind by restoring balance to the three doshas. The word "rasayana" comes from the Sanskrit words "rasa," meaning essence, and "ayana," meaning path. 

Rasayana herbs have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are used to promote healthy aging, memory improvement, and overall vitality. A few of the commonly used Rasayana herbs include amla, ashwagandha, Shilajit, Guduchi, Shatavari, and Brahmi.

Nariveda Elixirs are specifically formulated to target the Tri-Dosha healing concept of Rasayana Ayurveda. These elixirs contain a precise blend of 15 potent Rasayana medicinal herbs that have been carefully selected for their unparalleled therapeutic values and clinical credibility.

These elixirs work to balance the doshas, stimulate stem cells, provide antioxidant protection, rejuvenate cells, and protect the body from stress damage. The synergistic blend of bioactive compounds in Nariveda Elixirs promotes ultimate wellness and vitality.

Incorporating the Nariveda Philosophy into daily life helps to balance the matrix of Tri-Dosha in the physiology, calm and settle the mind, support stress management, mind/body coordination, and ensure a healthy lifespan. By using these natural remedies, it is possible to achieve a stronger, more resilient body with more energy and vitality. 

Overall, Nariveda Elixirs offer a targeted approach to nutrition that helps to bring the body back into balance for optimal health and wellness.

Why are Nariveda’s Nutritional Elixirs more advanced than other dietary supplements?

Nariveda's nutritional elixirs stand out from other dietary supplements in several ways. 

Firstly, the formulations are carefully designed to provide targeted cell nutrition with a range of adaptogenic antioxidants and cardio-protective ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Astaxanthin, Curcumin, and Shilajit. These ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic benefits and are combined in a mindful way to maximize their effectiveness.

Secondly, the elixirs feature the most bioavailable nutrient forms, which ensures that the body can easily absorb and utilize the nutrients. This is important because the body can struggle to extract the medicinal properties of herbs from capsules and tablets. Liquid extracts, like those used in Nariveda's elixirs, are much more easily assimilated by the body, allowing for more efficient nutrient delivery.

Thirdly, Nariveda uses high-quality and patented ingredients that have been validated by clinical research as safe and effective for their intended use. This ensures that customers can trust the quality and effectiveness of the elixirs.

Lastly, the elixirs are formulated with nutrient synergy in mind. Nutrient synergy is the idea that combining different micronutrients can have a greater biological effect than the sum of the individual components. This means that Nariveda's elixirs provide a comprehensive range of nutrients that work together to support the body's natural functions and keep cellular metabolism in a health-sustaining balance.

Overall, Nariveda's nutritional elixirs are more advanced than other dietary supplements because of their careful formulations, use of bioavailable nutrient forms, high-quality ingredients, and focus on nutrient synergy. These elixirs offer a targeted and effective way to support overall health and wellness.


Why are your Supplement Facts so long ?

At Nariveda, we understand that our customers want to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. That's why our Supplement Facts may seem long, but it's because we follow the traditional principles of Indian medicine, Rasayana Ayurveda, which often includes polyherbal combinations of three to thirty plants to create a balanced formula. Each supporting herb and mineral is carefully selected to complement and enhance the primary ingredient, ensuring accurate and effective results.

We believe that transparency is key, which is why we disclose every ingredient in our products. While some may consider protecting their formula's exact recipe a top priority, we prioritize the knowledge and satisfaction of our customers.

Are there studies supporting the health and structure/function claims of your ingredients?

Our state-of-the-art ingredients are supported by research-backed claims. For instance, KSM-66 Ashwagandha is the most clinically studied Ashwagandha available and has undergone 22 "Gold Standard" human clinical trials.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to:

  • Help reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, and stress-related food cravings
  • Enhance sexual performance health in both men and women and increase testosterone in men

life'sOMEGA is a vegetarian, plant-based, and sustainable source of EPA and DHA. Studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans have lower concentrations of EPA and DHA compared to fish eaters. life’sOMEGA comes directly from algae to provide vegetarian EPA and DHA omega-3 to support overall health throughout life. DHA ensures that the cells in the brain, eyes, heart, and nervous system develop and function properly in all life stages.

More than 31,000 published papers support the health benefits of omega-3s.

PrimaVie® is a high-quality, clinically studied, purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, containing dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), Fulvic Acid, and over 40 different minerals. PrimaVie® supports male sexual health, boosts mitochondrial energy, increases exercise endurance, and improves overall fitness.

BetaVia™ Complete Beta Glucan is a nutrient-rich, dried whole algae fermentate that provides nutritional support for a healthy immune system. It contains over 50% beta glucan, over 15% protein with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. BetaVia™ Complete strengthens the body's natural immune system and provides clinically tested sustained immune support.

Marinova Maritech® nutritional-grade fucoidans are high-purity, certified organic extracts supported by clinical evidence. Scientific studies have shown that Maritech® fucoidan extracts have bioactivity in digestive health, immune function, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging areas.

ZANTHIN® NATURAL ASTAXANTHIN is a versatile antioxidant powerhouse for wellness and healthy aging. Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin is backed by scientific evidence that shows its importance in cardiovascular issues, joint discomfort associated with pain and inflammation, vision health, such as eye fatigue, and skin health and elasticity. Astaxanthin is nearly 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C and 550 times richer in antioxidants than green tea or other catechins. Astaxanthin, especially when combined with omega-3 oils, has a vast body of scientific evidence supporting benefits for cardiovascular health.

You have a lot of interesting products. Where should I start?

Maybe one. Maybe all of them! ;)

We're excited to hear that you're interested in trying our products and we would be happy to help you find the best option for your needs.

We believe that each of our products is expertly formulated with high-quality, clinically-studied ingredients to help support your overall health and wellness. We offer a range of supplements that provide targeted cell nutrition, natural energy boosts, and comprehensive wellness solutions.

If you're not sure where to start, many of our customers have found Prana Veda to be a great option. This elixir is designed to nourish every cell in your body, giving you a natural energy boost to help you power through your day. With a carefully curated blend of adaptogenic antioxidants and cardio-protective ingredients like Ashwagandha, Astaxanthin, Curcumin, Shilajit, and other nutrients, Prana Veda offers unparalleled targeted cell nutrition to help you feel your best.

If you have any questions or would like help choosing the best product for you, please don't hesitate to email us at info@nariveda.com. We have certified nutrition and training specialists on staff who are here to offer free support and help you reach your goals.

Can Elixirs Be Combined? 

Yes! Alchemize away! 

 Nariveda elixirs can be combined and taken together or separately, either all at once or consumed over the course of a day. In fact, Nariveda encourages combining their elixirs, capsules, and powdered products. The products are designed to complement each other and provide a comprehensive approach to supporting your overall health and wellness. One of Nariveda's favorite combinations is Prana Veda, Cardio Veda, and Cogni Veda. However, it is important to note that Perio Veda, a dental rinse, should be used by itself.

Are your products Vegan?

While our products are formulated to be beneficial for everyone regardless of dietary preferences, we're proud to say that they are vegan-friendly. We believe in providing high-quality supplements that are free from animal products and animal testing, and we're committed to promoting a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle.

Are your products Organic?

When it comes to the use of the word "organic," we understand that it often implies quality. However, this term is typically used to describe foods that are grown, not formulated products like ours. Instead, we use ingredients that are patented, clinically studied, and FDA GRAS Affirmed, which is a certification that exceeds USDA Organic standards. Our objective is to provide pure raw materials and finished products that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Do your elixirs contain artificial ingredients or harmful preservative systems like Potassium Sorbate/ Sodium Benzoate?

Nariveda elixirs are formulated without any artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives, such as Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate. Additionally, they are free from common allergens such as wheat, gluten, nuts, egg, hydrogenated oils, soy, and dairy. Our elixirs are carefully crafted without any hidden coatings, unnecessary excipients, binders, fillers, shellacs, artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances.

When can I expect results?

The beneficial effects of our elixirs are two-fold. Most people feel and experience an energetic shift from the very first time they take, usually within 30 minutes of consuming. For other people, it takes a bit longer and the full benefits are not seen until  it had a chance to work consistently for a week or two. To experience the full effects of  , it is recommended to continue to consume at least one 1/2oz serving per day for a minimum of two weeks such that the full benefits (stimulation of the antioxidant systems, improved brain health) are to allow time to sufficiently develop.

Are your elixirs safe for everyday use?

Nariveda Elixirs are 100% safe for everyday use. They are made from high-quality, clinically studied ingredients that are FDA GRAS affirmed for safety and efficacy. They provide essential nutrients, antioxidants, and health-promoting ingredients that support overall well-being. The elixirs are a convenient and effective way to supplement your diet and ensure you get the nutrients you need. The company follows strict quality control processes and testing to ensure that their products are safe and meet the highest standards. The elixirs are free from harmful additives and preservatives, making them a healthy choice for daily use.


How do I contact customer service?

For any questions or feedback please head to ourcontact page for more instructions. You can also call customer service at (928) 554-4737.