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Caring for your immunity.

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A Science-Based Proactive Nutritional Approach to Revitalize Cellular Health*

Nariveda brings together the wisdom of Rasayana Ayurveda, the science of longevity, and has created multi-functional elixirs for true wellness from within.

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Super-Dense Adaptogenic Nutrition

Our Nutri-Cosmetic products are designed with powerful intra-cellular antioxidants and detoxification catalysts that enhance and fortify the body’s systems.*  These very special nutrients are designed to feed your cells what they need to be their most healthful. The results can include healthier looking skin, a radiant glow, more energy and vitality, and some pretty amazing overall health benefits.*

Nariveda provides the best in Ayurvedic liquid supplements

Nariveda is

committed to integrity.

Nariveda’s commitment to quality goes beyond what we put inside our bottles. It extends to our packaging, as well. That’s why we choose to use recyclable amber-tinted glass bottles vs. plastic bottles. While plastic bottles would be less costly to produce, studies show they can contain harmful chemicals that leach into the contents of the plastic bottles… potentially affecting product efficacy, impacting user health, and contributing to long-term environmental impact. Amber glass on the other hand absorbs most of the radiation, ensuring that our products are not subject to solar degradation. In turn, this extends the shelf life and helps to ensure the purity of our products.

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Experience the difference when a supplement is optimized for superior absorption.

best sellers

Cogni Veda

Prana Veda

Detox Veda


Our trio of Beauty and longevity focused Elixirs

Reverse Aging by Nariveda

Perio Veda

Flex Veda

Guruji’s Grace

Pure Botanical Newness

Our newest selection of science-based medicinal wellness formulations

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Cardio Veda

Guruji’s Grace


Amplified Self Care

Nariveda is health on a cellular level — plant-based medicinals that encourage elasticity and resilience.

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Once you have tried one of the products in our line of Nariveda Life Force Elixirs, you will want to try others. Browse our products, read the labels, research the ingredients and become a part of our Nariveda family!