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Physical Characteristics

From a physical standpoint, someone that is dominant in the kapha dosha typically displays a strong build. They also have a great deal of stamina when it comes to physical activity and can usually maintain a high level of energy at all times. Furthermore, these people routinely adjust well to intense physical activity and may excel at jobs that require a lot of otherwise difficult manual labor, such as fighting fire. They typically have eyes that are large and expressive, yet soft. This makes the person more approachable as far as everyone else is concerned. By the same token, they usually display physical characteristics including thick hair and skin that is smooth, yet radiant.

Personality Traits

A person that has a dominant kapha dosha has a tendency to display many admirable personality traits. First and foremost, they’re usually calm, even in situations where it would be understandable for them to display a relatively high degree of nervousness or even fear. They’re also very nurturing and they have a tendency to take care of others around them. These people are loving and gentle, not to mention displaying a high level of patience in virtually all types of situations. They’re emotionally and mentally strong and are known to be very reliable regardless of the circumstances. You might consider these people to be the rock that so many people lean on whenever things get difficult. They’re also natural leaders, thanks to their ability to remain consistent regardless of what’s happening around them.

Excess Kapha

When a person has too much of the kapha dosha, they have a tendency to become stubborn. By the same token, their high level of loyalty often causes them to remain in situations that are no longer beneficial for them. This leads them to maintain positions in jobs when they should have moved on long ago, not to mention keeping relationships that are not healthy for them. Part of the time, this is because they simply don’t want to deal with change and their stubbornness kicks in. At other times, it’s because they feel such a sense of loyalty to a particular person or situation that they simply won’t allow themselves to move on, even if they want to.

The kapha dosha is commonly associated with some of the most admirable people in society. With that being said, too much of a good thing is not necessarily a desirable trait. That’s why it’s so important to keep the body in balance.