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March 24, 2019 2 min read

The Ayurveda Diet

An Ayurveda diet is considered a healing system that is purely natural and holistic. The challenges of beginning the journey to a fully Ayurvedic diet or lifestyle is the learning curve of all the new elements involved. A hallmark of a properly executed Ayurveda diet is food digestion and assimilation of the nutrients. With an Ayurveda Diet, food is medicine. Accordingly, the best thing we can give our bodies is careful consideration and creative preparation of the food we put into it. By impeccably following this ancient diet and supplementing with premium Ayurvedic supplements, you are priming your body for long-lasting optimal health.

Ayurveda Diet Benefits

Helps Improve Digestion

The basis of an Ayurvedic Diet is easily digestible food processes of preparation, combination and cooking without compromising the food’s integral nutritional value. These methods include fermenting and cooking in ways that make it the easiest for the body to absorb the nutrients.

Mental and Emotional Health

In Ayurveda, we believe that different psychological states like anger, greed, lust, ego and desire are closely linked to what we eat. An Ayurveda diet takes into consideration different aspects, such as the mental and body type (dosha), life stage and biological rhythms among others. Considering these very personal aspects can help design a uniquely personal Ayurvedic diet that will ultimately balance mental and emotional health.

Builds Immunity and Fights Fatigue

The human body is susceptible to illness through stress, lethargy and fatigue among others. Different foods such as cardamom, garlic, pepper and ginger can be used to improve energy levels in the body thus giving the body immunity to ailments such as anemia. There are many books we recommend that will help you start your Ayurveda diet. Start right now with our holistically formulated Ayurvedic supplements. We wish you a long, happy and healthy life.

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