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If you are a PITTAdominant and feeling out of balance, according to Ayurvedic Principles, too much fire has gathered in your mind, body and physical surroundings. As a result, you feel like you could combust emotionally. To gain more balance, the PITTA needs to bring more open space and coolness into his/her physiology.

Spend more time outdoors in nature.
You enjoy sweet, bitter and tart flavors, so eat foods with those sensations. Olive oil is known to alleviate feelings of stress.

Meditate two times a day to soothe the mind and bring more relaxation to your body.

Be sure to schedule a time out for yourself every day away from other people and stresses.

Give yourself a soothing self-massage using herbal oils.

Wear and surround yourself with soothing fragrances, such as lavender, cinnamon, pine, vanilla, fresh-cut grass, apples, pumpkin and jasmine.

Wear cooler colors, such as blue, green and whites.

Drink herbal teas to soothe your spirit.

Add more physical activity into your daily routine, such as walking.

Stay physically cool in whatever you do, and try to be more playful in your everyday life.

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