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September 04, 2018 3 min read

Ayurvedic Detox Challenge

If you're trying to figure out a healthier way to live your life, you might have heard of the ayurvedic detox challenge. You might also be wondering exactly what is involved in this type of challenge and whether or not it works more effectively than other types of detoxes. If you participated in some type of detox in the past and you were less than impressed by the results, you might be apprehensive about doing it again.
R est assured, detoxing with ayurvedic medicine is completely different from any other detox you've likely attempted. Below are a few tips that will allow you to participate in an ayurvedic detox challenge without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

01. Getting Started.

For starters, you need a time span of about three days where you can stay home and not be interrupted. Therefore, you might consider doing it on a long weekend or even taking a day off of work on a Friday or Monday so that you can have three full days to devote to your challenge. The reason you need a full three days where you won't be interrupted is so that you can rest physically and allow yourself to become rejuvenated both mentally and emotionally. Since this is hard to do when you have demands on your time and when you're dealing with other individuals, it's best to accomplish it when you can spend some time by yourself to rest and reflect.

02. The Practical Side of Things

Just like virtually any other detox, there are certain foods that you should be eating. In this particular case, it includes foods that are fresh with no preservatives. Make sure all of your choices are low in calories and that you don't overeat. More specifically, you can plan on eating things like soups that have vegetables or lentils, as well as steamed vegetables. Barley and quinoa are also good options, as are seeds, fruits and berries. It's important that everything you choose be fresh and if possible, you should choose options that are organic. The last thing you want to do is ruin your detox with foods you believe are healthy that have in fact been doused in pesticides or injected with some type of growth hormone.

03. Foods to Avoid

There are also plenty of foods that you should refrain from eating in any capacity during this three-day time span. This includes any type of foods made from animal products. That means no meat of any kind and it also means that you should refrain from consuming dairy products. It's also imperative that you stay away from refined sugar, anything that has been microwaved and canned foods. Realistically, you shouldn't be consuming anything that has been prepared in a factory so that all you need to do is open it, heat it and eat it. It's best to prepare foods that are fresh in your own home. That way, you know exactly what's going into it. In addition, avoid chocolates, all other caffeine products, and alcohol. You can combine these foods to create a unique menu for the three days, making sure that you take plenty of time to allow your body to rest and to clear your mind physically. When it's all said and done, you'll be surprised how much better you feel.


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