Why Trust in Ayurveda?


Ayurveda remains one of the oldest notated teachings regarding healing that is known.


It dates back to at least 5,000 years ago and is likely even older.

Why take medical advice from an ancient religious text? Unlike many alternative medicines, Ayurveda gets used by millions of patients every day, all around the world.

Trusted Traditional Medicine


s western medicine continues getting refined, the scientific community dispels more traditional medicine. However, in India, where Ayurveda originates, it remains a staple of daily medical needs.

About 80% of India’s population relies on traditional medicine, and methods from Ayurveda remain accepted. For decades, the government passed regulations and standard practices, ensuring that it gets safely administered to more patients.

Unlike other eastern medicines, Ayurvedic methods have continued to improve with what medical science now knows. Just because the texts are thousands of years old doesn’t mean that you’re getting an outdated method of healing.



Indian Insurance Companies Cover It


Because so much of the population depends on these practices, most insurance companies in India cover its costs. Sure, using healing herbs isn’t the same as the cost of surgical procedures. However, it is an indication of how widely trusted it remains.

Government Regulated Techniques


Since the 1970s, the Indian government has strictly overseen the production, use, and distribution of traditional healing products. Not only are there government departments managing it, but there is a national database containing exact formulas and ingredients.

While there is always the potential for products not being the real deal, you’ll find that most remain as effective as they are intended. By continuing to regulate what goes into products and how they get administered, there’s a higher chance of success over other traditional medicines.

In addition to the numerous government oversight groups, India also continues supporting more research of these techniques. That just proves that they want the best healing methods possible without the use of harmful opioid-based prescriptions.

Avoid Knock-Off Products


As is the case in most industries, once a scammer gets wind of a healing product that works, they get busy churning out knock-off products. Not only does that put its users at risk, but casts doubt on valid items.

You must only purchase products from trusted retailers. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of ingesting medicines that don’t work, or contain harmful ingredients. To gain the full benefits of ayurveda then you must source quality trusted products.

A top concern is heavy metals getting used as dangerous traditional formulas. Only through all-natural, plant-based elixirs can you enjoy the benefits of the Ayurveda without the risks.



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