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Why Mental Health is Important

It has been estimated that more than 40 million Americans suffer from some form of generalized anxiety disorders.

And yet, many people living with mental illness feel ashamed to talk about it.

What is interesting to note is that the Ayurveda, which dates back thousands of years, instructs us to balance our bodies and our mind for full healing effects. If one is hurting more than the other, you’ll see symptoms develop soon.

Decreased Longevity

Our all-natural healing products promote increased longevity. However, living with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses makes living longer a challenge.

Numerous medical studies show a direct correlation between mental diseases and reduced lifespan. Anxiety, especially, can lead to cardiovascular concerns.

Too Much Negativity

You’ll likely encounter many who tell you to smile more because it’s better for your mental and physical wellbeing. And while they aren’t wrong, living with depression makes it next to impossible to feel happy some days. Sometimes your thoughts can keep you up at night; learning to quiet your mind can really help.

This increased level of negativity often makes it difficult to see anything positively, which impairs how well you recover. Unfortunately, many who live with depression or other ailments wind up taking their own life as a result.


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Trouble Exercising

Ask any health expert, and they’ll tell you that diet and exercise are among the best things you can do for daily wellbeing. When you have a mental disease, however, exercising is that last thing you feel like doing.

Not to mention all the junk food that seems more attractive when you’re feeling down. Combine the two, and it’s a recipe for a shortened lifespan.

Late Diagnoses

While most studies focus their findings on adults living with anxiety, depression, and other common ailments, they aren’t the only ones. Roughly half of all children in the United States will develop some form of anxiety in their lives.

Unfortunately, when a child has a mental illness, it isn’t always apparent. As a result, they can live with a disease for years and not even know it.

How Can I Treat It?

Sadly, the vast majority of those living with mental illnesses either don’t seek treatment, or their options remain ineffective. In addition to seeking professional medical help, natural aids can help as well.

In addition to diet and exercise, you can find many elixirs in our shop that help ease your troubled mind and promotes improved overall health. With daily doses, you’ll see noticeable changes in your mood, appetite, and sleeping habits.

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