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Turmeric ashwagandha essentials

Discover Nature’s Strongest Pain Reliever – Clinically Proven To Be More Effective Than Tylenol!

Ever feel like an 80 year old in a 40 year old’s body?

Do you suffer from chronic pain that’s so bad, you can’t sleep at night?

Are you sick of relying on taking nightly pain relievers because you know they have harmful side effects, but you don’t know what else to do?

If so, then you need to try Nariveda Essentials.

Whether you deal with fibromyalgia and your joints and bones hurt from your head to your toes…

Or are just dealing with the regular aches and pains of aging…

Our unique, easily-absorbable, patented formula can turn that all around for you.

Imagine being pain free in just a few short days, without worrying about harmful side effects.

Proven By 2,000+ Clinical Studies To Be The Most Powerful Ashwagandha & Turmeric Extract In The World

Are You Ready To Finally:

Restore joint and bone health through one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory elixirs you can take

Dramatically improve your quality of sleep

Be happier, calmer and more focused with a stabilized mood – Many of our customers have even been able to get off of antidepressants

Instantly feel the difference – Clinically proven to increase absorption by up to 2,000%, so you can notice the effects immediately because your body is actually using it

Restore joint and bone health through one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory elixirs you can take

Highest Potency & Bioavailability On The Market

Turmeric ashwagandha essentials 2

Have you ever taken a supplement without really noticing a difference?

$20 down the drain here…

Another $40 down the drain there…

Despite their extraordinary benefits…

Herbs aren’t always going to help you because of poor absorption.

And we think that’s a shame.

Supplements are doing you no good if your body can’t use them.

That’s why we developed a patented formula with YOU in mind, so you can start feeling good right now… when you need it most.

We have over 2,000 clinical studies proving that:

1) Our Ashwagandha has the highest amount of withanolides on the market. This is important because withanolides are responsible for fighting inflammation, which is the root of all disease. They’ve even been shown to regulate stress, which can cause inflammation, and fight tumor growth. Not to mention, they help you focus better by increasing concentration and giving you more energy.

2) Our patented C3 turmeric complex is clinically proven to give you the highest absorption on the market. This means your body will put it to good use. We’ve combined it with black pepper extract and ashwagandha to increase your gut absorption by up to 2,000%.

If you’ve struggled constantly with chronic pain… whether arthritis or swelling in your joints, you can get your life back.

For over 40 years, I’ve helped my patients and customers go from scheduling their lives around their painful flares, to living well-rounded lives doing their favorite activities.

Whether it’s hiking, playing with the grandkids or touring a new city, pain won’t hold them back.

People who use Nariveda Essentials get back the life they love.

That can be you, too…

If you haven’t grabbed your bottle yet…

Do it now! It’s risk-free for a full year!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

thinking man

Why should you even listen to me?

Smart question. With all of the false information floating around out there… it’s good to be a little skeptical and ask questions.

I’m Nirmal Yogi and I’ve been an organic chemist & Ayurvedic Practitioner for over 40 years. If you don’t know what Ayurveda is… it’s an ancient Indian medicine practice that’s been successfully used for thousands of years to heal people’s health issues at the root cause.

Because bandaid solutions just aren’t good enough when you need real, lasting, relief.

And after years of combining my knowledge as a chemist and Ayurvedic practitioner…

I discovered some powerful combinations, formulas, and ingredients that NO one else in the world has even thought of…

And combined them to make one of our most powerful adaptogenic products to date… our Prana Veda elixir.

You’ll only find these exact combinations here. Nowhere else.

These rare combinations are so potent, when put together… it’s the equivalent of working a double shift…only inside your body.

And because we want our products to be more effective than anything else on the market…

Approximately 80% of the ingredients we use in Nariveda Elixirs are patented & backed by clinical trials that prove they positively affect the body (and outperform many competing products) with clinical precision.

My son, Adrian Patel, is a distance runner, competitive skier, cyclist and rock climber. He cares deeply for personal wellness and understands the importance of high performance nutrition. He does the business side of things.

It’s just us two behind the scenes, working hard every day to make sure that you get access to the deep healing you need, delivered right to your door.

Nirmal Yogi and Adrian Patel-Delaloye

Don’t take my word for it. See what people are saying…


Q: Why is the cost so high?

A: We only feel good if you feel good. That’s why we want you to have the best. That means, all of our ingredients are organic, sourced from plants and not chemically based.

There are over 100 power-house, adaptogenic ingredients in this bottle. When combined in this specific combination together, they’re actually more powerful than on their own to restore your health at the cellular level.

If you were to buy each of these ingredients separately, it would cost you MUCH more than the cost of this bottle.

Plus, we source only the highest quality ingredients. For example, the omega 3 in this bottle is sourced from Switzerland. Each ingredient comes from the place we found the highest quality.

Also, you will be able to replace many other supplements you are currently taking with this bottle.  So, in reality, even though the price seems high at first glance, it’s really going to save you money in the long run.

Plus, it’s an investment in your health. With all the energy and rejuvenation you’ll get inside this bottle, you’ll be able to be much more productive than usual, as many of our customers have reported to us.

Q: What is an adaptogen and why do I need it?

A: If you want a strong immune system that can fight off harmful viruses and bacteria, you’re gonna have to deal with stress in a healthy way.

The problem is… stress damages your immune system, which ironically stresses you out more. It’s a catch 22. An adaptogen is a powerful herbal pharmaceutical that naturally counteracts the effects of stress in your body.

It’s the equivalent of waving a magic wand to make your stress disappear, as if it was never there in the first place.

Q: Do I still need to take other supplements and multivitamins?

A: One of the reasons we created PranaVeda is because we know how annoying it is to take 20-40 pills per day. We’ve combined over 100, easily-absorbable, natural liquid ingredients so that you won’t have to take a bunch of pills ever again.

This will replace your multivitamin as well as many other supplements- such as glutathione, Omega 3’s, fiber, turmeric, ashwagandha, etc.

You will notice such a difference in your energy, strength, skin changes, hair changes, how often you get sick, etc… that you won’t need to take other supplements.

Q: How does this help naturally melt off weight?

A: Our patented B vitamin complexes + ArginoCarn Carnitine work together to turn fat cells into physiologic jet fuel that propels you through a full day, while nourishing your body at a cellular level. Not only does this make shedding those few stubborn extra pounds natural, you’ll feel more energetic, as well.

Q: Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?

A: We offer a guarantee better than anyone else out there- 365 days to try it. If you’re not satisfied after an entire year of trying this, get your money back. No hassle, no questions asked.

We’re proud to tell you that we’ve never had a single return, though! It’s crazy, I know.

It’s because our product is THAT good. People actually feel the difference and usually end up getting more.

We’re so excited when people write to us, saying that they’re getting sick less often, they’re able to stay focused, they’re feeling less anxious, peaceful, calm, etc.

This product really works holistically to deal with many problems that a lot of people experience by living in our modern toxic world.

However, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll happily refund you as long as you reach out to us within 365 days.