The Six Tastes of Ayurveda

The taste of Ayurveda details how everything in your life stays connected.

Specifically, how your mental and physical bodies feed one another.

Speaking of feeding, these books describe the six different tastes and how they correlate to the elements. Below is a brief explanation of all six and how they affect you.


Sweet relates to the elements of earth and water. Considering sugar cane is a plant, and water gets used to dissolve sweeteners, that’s an easy connection to draw.

Sweeter foods are helpful as a small reward or treat. However, when enjoyed too much, sugary foods lead to many health concerns.


Sour represents fire and earth, and the puckered lips of someone enjoying a lemon is a simple comparison. Sour tasting foods aid in purging wastes, which we would call detoxing the body.

Sour can also help improve your appetite. After all, what’s better with breakfast than a cup of coffee?


Fire and water are the elements of salty tastes. For generations, salt has gotten used for flavor as well as to draw away impurities and preserve foods.

Too much salt soon causes high blood pressure and dehydration and must get enjoyed in moderation. Used correctly, however, has many healing benefits as well as culinary techniques.


Pungent foods can sting your nostrils, which is why it makes sense that its elements are fire and air. One whiff of vinegar, for example, can burn for a few moments inside your nose.

Because pungent foods tend to break down other substances, these ingredients get used in digestive aids. Foods like peppers, garlic, ginger, and other spicier plants are naturally pungent items.


The air and the ether come together to form bitter tastes. These foods, such as dark, leafy greens, naturally promote better digestion, as well as detoxifies your body.

Bitter foods help counterbalance sweets and can help you think more clearly. If you have an important business decision to make, go for the spinach and kale salad instead of stress eating junk food.


Astringent tastes signify the air and the earth to create healing effects. Astringent foods tend to be the ones that help aid your body in repairing cells the most.

Foods like cranberries, pomegranates, and other antioxidizing plants help you heal from injuries more quickly. Although they take longer to digest, most medical experts recommend including these items in your daily diet.

How They Work Together

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