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How To Quiet Your Mind

Were you aware that every year, hundreds of people around the world lose their life just from snapping a selfie? Or, that thousands more get injured, or worse, because they were texting while behind the wheel?

In many ways, the same technology that brings us closer together is also making it harder to focus on the world around us. Vibrations, beeps, bells, and music constantly beg for our attention, whether we should give it to them or not.

It’s no shock that so many people are rediscovering ways of quieting their mind, through yoga, meditation, and other trusted techniques. They realize that by learning to calm their mind, they may just extend their lifespan in more ways than one.

Yoga Helps to Quiet Your Mind

While initially an extension of the Hindu faith, most yoga practitioners today perform it with little to no religious ties. Yoga is a collection of exercises and poses that help you to strengthen your body while relaxing your mind.
Practicing yoga regularly not only helps you to improve your overall flexibility, but it also reduces your blood pressure and has you thinking more clearly. You’ll find yourself less stressed, as well as healthier and happier, with weekly or daily applications.


Mediation is more popular today than ever before, but there are still many misconceptions. The most significant one is that meditation supposedly empties your mind, but that isn’t entirely accurate.

Instead, meditation is a guided self-reflection technique that aids in getting to the root of what is causing you the most stress. By realizing the trigger and dealing with it directly, you can relieve a ton of ambient anxieties throughout your day.


✓   Amplifies Dream Lucidity
  Improves Memory + Focus
  Enhances Creativity
  Elevates Mood


  Promotes Natural Detoxification
  Enhances Digestive Health
  Healthy Thyroid Function
  Improves Healthy Metabolism

Change Your Diet

When you drive a luxury vehicle, you can’t put standard unleaded into the tank, or else it will gunk up the motor. In the same vein, you can’t only eat junk food and expect your body to operate more efficiently.

Adding in more antioxidants and removing more processed sugars will help clear the way for sharper focus and more balanced thinking. When you consume less junk food, your body thanks you for it.

Cogni Veda Helps You

Cogni Veda, our unique blend of brain-nourishing natural ingredients, helps you think clearer without the crashes of supplements. Whether you have a hard time focusing on work or feeling well rested, you’ll form thoughts faster and clearer than before.

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With all of life’s distractions, everyone can use help thinking better. Let Nariveda assist you in staying focused for less today.