Aura Veda

Advanced Nutrients for Beautiful Skin*

Glowing Inside and Out*


Ayurvedic Nutri-Cosmeceutical  Skin Health Support for Growing and Glowing Inside and Out*

  Skin Protection and Soothing* 
  Promotes Internal Collagen Production*
  Clinically Supported Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Hydration*
  Provides Intracellular Antioxidant Detoxification Support* 
  Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and Varicose Veins*
  Protect the Skin Against Premature Aging*
  Beautify Your Damaged Nail Beds + Thicken Fine Hair*
  Superior Bioavailability ~ Improved Retention ~ Quick Absorption

30 day supply of super dense adaptogenic liquid nutrition. Add to your favorite drink or sip straight.


daily dose*
1-3 teaspoons
therapeutic dose*
1-2 tablespoons

Future-proof your skin health from the effects of aging with Aura Veda. The powerful combination of clinically researched ingredients, reported in more than forty scientific publications, shows increased efficacy and results.* 

Ceramosides®*, Zeaxanthin*, Curcumin*, Resveratrol*, Ashwagandha*, Shilajit*, SkinAx2®*, Maritech®*, Organic Fucoidan*, Zanthin ® Natural Astaxanthin*, Safr’Inside® Saffron*, Life’s Omega-3 “ Beauty” Fatty Acids*, French grape seed and melon extracts*, Zinc*, Vitamin A*, Vitamin C*, Bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase*, Manganese*, Skin Brightener Glutathione and Ceramosides®*, NariNutri™ Pro-Collagen Activator*, AyurActive™ Adaptogenic Antioxidant Optimizer*, AyurFlora™ Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzymes, Narisorb™*, Cold Vortex™*

** Non-GMO Vegetable

Restore your skin radiance and future-proof your skin health from the effects of aging.

Aura Veda is a fusion of clinically tested holistic bio-actives that illuminate, brighten, and refresh your complexion & overall well-being. Nariveda introduces a revolutionary “Beauty Molecules” Skin Cell Longevity elixir, developed with  time proven Ayurvedic wisdom in conjunction with modern science  for a glowing skin health, inside and outside.*

This innovative  photo-protective nutritional supplement is a clinically advanced formulation of the newest “Superstar” skin nourishing and rejuvenating nutrients. Aura Veda  supports and helps in preventing dull complexion, while improving skin elasticity and luminosity.* 

With our skin complete micronutrients, also say goodbye to skin imperfections such as under eye dark circles and skin discoloration.*

Meet Our Skin-Smart Beauty Ingredients

The powerful combination of clinically researched ingredients, reported in more than forty scientific publications, shows increased efficacy and results.*


Brings new ceramides to the skin via the bloodstream for smooth and youthful skin, replenishing the wrinkles and giving a healthy glow.*



A unique patent-pending combination of natural antioxidants, preventing  dull complexion and dark circles and globally improves skin radiance: color, contrast, imperfections, and firmness.*


Maritech® Organic Fucoidan

Well researched  for its powerful bioactivity  including skin brightening, anti-wrinkling and  UV protection.*


Zanthin ® Natural Astaxanthin

A powerful antioxidant in the carotene antioxidant family. Studies show astaxanthin can help protect the skin from UV-radiation and improve skin quality and appearance.*


Safr’Inside® Saffron

The purest and richest quality Saffron available – Boost skin cell recovery rate. Traditional Anti-Stress – Control Cortisol Secretion – Provide a synergistic action in the improvement of mood and emotional balance.*


Life’s Omega-3  “ Beauty” Fatty Acids

One of  Mother Nature’s powerhouse nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids target more than just one part of your body. 

Research suggests that fats protect skin cells against sun-induced inflammation and help control  the body response to UV rays, mitigating damage. Omega-3  helps support your skin’s structure, reducing the appearance of fine lines.  

Holistic Skin Health is More than Meets the Eye

Nariveda’s new skin cell longevity elixir address the root causes of aging skin: Collagen and elastin breakdown due to hormonal changes, pro-inflammatory life style, stress and poor nutrition.

Unlike other products that contain animal-sourced collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) or fish sourced (marine collagen peptides), Aura Veda replenishes your body with diverse bioactive micro and macro algae compounds. These new-to-the-world molecules remain largely unexploited in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry and are absolutely essential to rebuilding and restoring your Collagen, Elastin and Keratin -naturally.* 

Aura Veda actively delivers the entire consort of skin restorative micronutrients and phytochemicals – building blocks to all the three layers of your skin. Together they synergistically create skin radiance by positively regulating melanin synthesis, protecting and stabilizing collagen fibers, and improving skin microcirculation leaving your skin looking supple, hydrated and energized.*

By formulating a powerfully balanced plant-based elixir with vitamins, minerals and trace elements with cutting edge science, Aura Veda provides you with everything you need to achieve a healthy, soulful glow.*

Why You Need It

Beautifying. Energizing. Vitalizing.

Lack of energy? Feeling stressed and fatigued? Boost your cellular health – Feed your nutrient highway with clinically studied and shown-effective plant-based natural ingredients.

Nutrients are fuel for the body.
A major reason why cell membranes become damaged is poor diet.
The fats in cell membranes are very vulnerable to oxidation, so a lack of antioxidants in the diet is also a primary cause of damage to cell membranes.

Inadequate dietary intake of vitamins and minerals are widespread, most likely due to excessive consumption of energy-rich, micronutrient-poor, refined foods.

Even more sobering is the ever-increasing body of research that suggests that many people’s diet (no matter veggie, keto or paleo) are insufficient in supplying enough life-essential nutrients to prevent a deficiency disease.

Prana Veda is a well-balanced robust blend of the most powerful clinically studied energy enhancing and free radical scavenging network antioxidants infused with adaptogenic anti-inflammatory herbs to increase healthy energy production within the body. -The way nature intended.

Inside every cell there is a “cellular powerhouse” known to biologists as a mitochondrion, whose primary function is to generate energy.
Although smaller than a cell, the mitochondria need copious amounts of micronutrients to power the muscles, nerves and heart. Mitochondria requires all the essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids to function properly.
It’s how we humans make energy from different sources of fuel that we feed to our cells, better the fuel, more energy, more heart protection, better sleep, more excitement and enthusiasm, sharper vision, more endurance, and all the speed and mobility that keeps you going day after day.
Lacking even a single micronutrient can compromise the efficiency with which the mitochondrial fuel muscles. This means less energy, decreased endurance and vitality.
AyurMiovita Energy Optimizer synergizes the world’s most powerful and highly effective phytonutrients and critical cofactor- known as the evolution of energy ingredients specific to mitochondrial function:
elevATP® is a clinically tested ingredient with human studies shown to stimulate the endogenous production of ATP, increases healthy energy within the body.
Primavie® Purified Shilajit ( composed of organic material and fulvic acids), a potent adaptogenic, clinically studied for its mitochondrial energy boost and libido enhancing properties.
Marinova® Organic Fucoidan Extract Research shows beneficial protective effects like reducing inflammation, balancing the gut microbiome and immunomodulatory – boosting immune cells.
Infused with ” Master Nutrients” like Co-enzymeQ10, Citrus Bioflavonoids, polyphenols, resveratrol and the Omega-3 fatty acids ( DHA & EPA) along with plant based vitamins, macro and ultra-trace minerals – all these performs as front runner soldiers to encourage healthy mitochondrial function, inhibit cellular glycation, supercharge cell-energy production and promote the generation of new mitochondria.*

Antioxidant + Immune Support
Power Your Natural Immune Function Support with Network Antioxidants & Anti-Inflammatory Adaptogens

Is your diet a reliable source of antioxidants?
Since there are no food sources high enough in vitamin E, glutathione, and CoQ-10, supplements are the only way to get therapeutic amounts. This becomes increasingly more important as you get older and your needs increase, while at the same time, your body’s ability to manufacture these critical antioxidants is diminishing.

A healthy immune system reduces your chance of viral infection and flu. A diet rich in antioxidants helps body’s individual natural antioxidant protection mechanism healthy and sharp.
The human body manufactures inadequate quantity of antioxidants. Free radicals that produced inside human body might be eliminated by the body’s individual natural antioxidant protection mechanism. Thus this shortage had to be remunerated using external plant-based natural compounds.
Why one antioxidant is not enough!
No single antioxidant can cope with the constant bombarding of various free radicals, , and thus multiple antioxidants with different functions and selectivity are required.

Different Antioxidants function differently in your body and are not interchangeable with another.
This is why it is important to have a network of antioxidants. They are unique as they greatly enhance the power of one another as they recycle one another. It also means you do not have to take many supplements for the same result.
Prana Veda offers a broad diversity of free radicals scavenging antioxidants that can act in both water-soluble and fat-soluble domains in cells and tissues. Thanks to these qualities, it is easily absorbed and transported into many organs and systems within the body to help immune cells adapt to your body’s unique needs.
Prana Veda contains a blend of cascading antioxidants like Zeaxanthin, Beta Glucans, Ashwagandha and fucoidan that are naturally rich in Super Oxide Dismutase ( SOD) obtained from non-GMO plant-based and also delivers secondary antioxidants such as glutathione, carotenoids, Co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins C & E.
This unique blend lets you tap into your cells natural protective abilities and gives your body advanced antioxidant protection and supports a balanced immune system.

AyurSlim Metabolic Optimizer may help reduce body fat, build lean muscle, tone your body and complete your transformation.*

Weight loss and state of your metabolism is closely connected to vital energy production, cardiovascular and neurological health, immunity and more.*
Designed with key nutrients like Clarinol™ conjugated linoleic acid, L-Carnitine, Omega-3 fatty acids, and micro minerals involved in producing, transporting and releasing energy from fat is often called the “master metabolic regulators”.
Together, they may all assist to improve body composition and athletic performance by increasing muscular excitability, blood flow and recovery and by reducing systemic inflammation and triglycerides which promote the release of fat from storage.*

Ignite Your Body’s Own NO Production System
Nitric oxide is a molecule that’s produced naturally by your body, is also very unstable, so degrades quickly in the blood stream and must be constantly replenished.
Research has shown that commercial and store bought mouthwash kills the oral bacteria needed to produce nitric oxide for up to 12 hours.*
In fact, a limited capacity to produce nitric oxide is associated with heart disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.
One way to increase its stability and limit its breakdown is by consuming antioxidants.
Prana Veda is perfectly paired with Nitrosigine®, a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate scientifically engineered to significantly boost nitric oxide levels and powerful network antioxidants to enhance stability to power you from within.
AyurFlora Nutritional Enzymes with LactoCran® to Heal your Gut & Clean your Urinary Tract
Science on probiotics has advanced to new levels with LactoCran® – a fruitful symbiotic blend of 19 probiotic strains with clinically proven Cranmax® creating a synergistic triple effect in assisting growth and survival of beneficial bacteria in the gut ecosystem while prebiotics to block the pathogenic effects of many common UTI causing bacteria, relieving and preventing UTI and recurrent UTI.*

AyurFlora Nutritional Enzymes has also infused Marinova® organic multifunctional brown seaweed compounds that also may help heal Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.*

Minimize Stress + Balance Hormones while reducing inflammation and promoting recovery

Exercise is a form of good stress on our bodies. But exercise also results in the production of inflammatory substances called free radicals, which can damage your body’s cells.

Stress sets off a cascade of physical responses that affect immune function, our hormones, our cognitive function system, and our internal clock, called our circadian rhythm.

The golden triangle of powerful anti-inflammatory adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, curcumin, and shilajit may help decreased post-exercise cortisol levels and minimize psychological depression that often accompanies overtraining. Also may help combat fatigue and counteracting inflammation and reducing joint pain by protecting cells and reducing muscle damage.
In addition to repairing muscle tissue post-workout, minerals included GivoCal™ (3 in 1 salt with highly bioavailable calcium glycerol and phosphorous, GivoMag™ ( highly absorbable and easy to digest) and micronutrients also delay muscle fatigue during workouts.

1. Ability To Deliver Higher Concentration of Antioxidants Per Fluid oz or Serving:

Efficient Absorption Rate The superior absorption properties of Prana Veda allow a significant portion to enter the bloodstream and have a systemic supportive effect on the body’s immune response pathways. The results allow for substantially greater bioavailability and increased intracellular activity. Penetrates your mitochondria more effectively than regular to support energy, focus, strength, and vitality. More is absorbed by bodily systems; with greater efficacy.

++++++ Beauty Benefits …
Vision, hair nails and glowing skin

Muscle Recovery & Fatigue
Athletes should know that a key benefit of omega-3 fatty acids is their ability to battle inflammation. Exercise is a form of good stress on our bodies. But exercise also results in the production of inflammatory substances called free radicals, which can damage your body’s cells.
Omega-3 fatty acids help by counteracting inflammation and reducing joint pain and tenderness associated with arthritis. They also help to keep the lining of your arteries smooth and clear, which allows the maximal amount of oxygen-rich blood to reach your working muscles.
Micronutrients are one of the major groups of nutrients your body needs. They include vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune function, blood clotting, and other functions. Life Essential cell regenerative micro minerals

As an essential component of skin and tissues, minerals are involved in numerous growth and regeneration processes and play a vital role in the process of cell division and contribute to normal DNA synthesis.

Meanwhile, minerals play an important role in growth, bone health, fluid balance and several other processes. Calcium. Givo cal givomag selenium mn zn boron

Support the body’s management of stress in its daily battle to maintain homeostasis.*

More Key Benefits

Aura Veda – Your Gateway to Glowing Skin:  

Aura Veda is an all-in-one liquid beauty supplement that simplifies your daily beauty nutrition with focused and clinically advanced ingredients, that work together to create safety net against skin aging.*


  • Beauty and skin aging requires a delicate balance between the right topical nutrients and the perfect internal components to help offset external forces that impact skin health.*

  • Topical-cosmeceuticals effects are often short term and superficial.*

  • A truly complete and effective skincare routine should include a nutricosmetic supplement in order to address internal oxidative stress.*

  • Supporting our body’s largest organ—the skin– from the inside through diet and synergistic combinations of micronutrients is critical to overall health.

  • The high content of amino acids Omega-3’s stimulates cell growth in the skin, bones and connective tissues and promotes the production of new collagen.

  • Delivers a higher concentration of Pro-Collagen per serving.*

  • Liquid elixir versus pills – Many individuals have difficulties swallowing pills and taking too many pills can create “pill fatigue”. 

  • Nutrient synergy in a bottle – There are things you can get from fruits that you can’t get from vegetables, and vice-versa. Similarly, taking just one nutrient alone will not give you good skin. We need to provide the entire consort of micronutrients and phytochemicals to give the skin the most powerful health boost.*

  • Superior Bioavailability & Efficient Absorption Rate Because NOT all supplements are created equal ,much of the “nutrient gap” has to do with absorption. Our Narisorb™ proprietary (self-assembling) delivery technology and Cold Vortex™ (Zero Heat) engineered blending process further reduces the particle size helping Aura Veda conquer barriers of solubility. The results allow for substantially greater bioavailability and increased cellular activity.*

  • Does not contain synthetic isolates, fillers, binders, artificial additives or preservatives. We pride ourselves in providing nature’s finest plant-based, superiorly formulated liquid supplementation that your body requires and thrives on.*

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