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Anti-Aging Ayurveda

whats your dosha?

While our Elixirs are Tri-Dosha Balancing, we believe everyone should know their body constitution to design their lifestyle in a way that brings them optimal health + wellness.

Balance begins with Nariveda.

Nariveda hand-crafts ayurvedic anti-aging Elixirs.

Founded on the 8 principles of Ayurvedic Healing, we believe in enhancing nutrient bioavailability (the rate of nutrient absorption in the cells of the body). Our commitment to using only the highest-purity, most-effective and scientifically backed, non-GMO plant-derived Rasayana nutrients is unmatched.

Nariveda Life Force Elixirs delivers powerful Rasayana-Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs shown to improved longevity and rejuvenation in the cells.

Health can be achieved at the cellular level.

With its roots in the Rasayana Ayurveda Discipline – which is a powerful holistic health system that has been healing minds and bodies naturally for thousands of years – Nariveda Elixirs have been developed by a highly trained organic chemist, Nirmal Yogi.

After years of research and testing, Nirmal identified distinct advantages of combining the ancient Ayurvedic botanicals with ingredients that have been proven by modern science to be incredibly beneficial to the body’s systems. In turn, each of the Elixirs in our growing line are created to address different healthful concerns; each boosts energy, because the body is receiving the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

We use Rasayana phytonutrients using a highly effective and efficient patented cellular delivery system called Narisorb®. This combination is the key to creating the most innovative and nutritionally empowering Rasayana Elixirs available today.*

Our innovative Ayurvedic Elixirs are an ideal addition to your healthy diet.

Vedic Healing for the modern yogi.

Our Life Force Elixirs provide multi-dimensional cellular nourishment designed to address Tri-Dosha healing by balancing Doshas and hormones. We all have a dominant Dosha type but depending on the season, environment and our lifestyle, our dosha type can dynamically change. We've created our Elixirs to respond to all Dosha types to better address health concerns in all of those who consume our products.

The Purest Ingredients

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Radiant + beautiful

In each bottle you will find powerful intra-cellular antioxidants and intra-cellular detoxification catalysts that enhance and fortify the immune system.*

Our Elixirs may well be the purest and most potent Nutri-Cosmeceuticals available anywhere. These very special nutrients are designed to feed your cells what they need to be their most healthful. The results can include healthier looking skin, a radiant glow, more energy and vitality, and some pretty amazing overall health benefits.*


Committed to quality.

Nariveda’s commitment to quality goes beyond what we put inside our bottles. It extends to our packaging, as well. That’s why we choose to use recyclable amber-tinted glass bottles vs. plastic bottles. While plastic bottles would be less costly to produce, studies show they can contain harmful chemicals that leach into the contents of the plastic bottles... potentially affecting product efficacy, impacting user health, and contributing to long-term environmental impact. Amber glass on the other hand absorbs most of the radiation, ensuring that our products are not subject to solar degradation. In turn, this extends the shelf life and helps to ensure the purity of our products.

feel good always.

Add our elixirs to your juice, smoothie or warm drink. Prana Veda pairs well with citrus, while Detox Veda blends nicely with an aromatic cup of chai. Or simply enjoy 1-3 teaspoons alone.

Commit to your vitality.



Once you have tried one of the products in our line of Nariveda Life Force Elixirs, you will want to try others. Browse our products, read the labels, research the ingredients and become a part of our Nariveda family!

live happier.

Each of our Elixirs contains powerful intra-cellular antioxidants + intra-cellular detoxification catalysts that enhance and fortify the immune system.*

Namaste, We Love You.

Our Mission

To spur the adoption of whole-body wellness and mindfulness for our clientele through the research and development of science-based Ayurvedic remedies.


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