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The Nourish Initiative

Each bottle of Nariveda sold buys one child a week’s worth of meals at the Maitreya School in Bodhgaya, India, a school benefiting impoverished children.

Maitreya School

Were you to visit, it would be lucidly evident that this school affords an auspicious fortune to the children of this community in Bihar, one of India’s most economically depleted places. The impact we make together is promisingly tangible.

The Impact of your Purchase

Funds for the lunch program at Maitreya had to be reallocated to medical supplies, which left the burden of lunch on the impoverished parents. This consisted mostly of crackers.

The Nourish Initiative, with your support, has brought back the lunch program, providing the children with a more well rounded nutrition.

More About Maitreya School

Maitreya School is one of many social welfare projects run by the Root Institute and with great pleasure, we have teamed up with them to provide help where it is needed most. As a health and wellness company, our goal is to make the world feel better, and we can’t think of a more satisfying extension than the Nourish Initiative: providing meals for the poverty-stricken children of Bodhgaya.

The Buddha realized on his journey to self realization that the body must be nourished for the mind to be set free. It is our honor to be able to nourish the body’s of these precious beings, so that their heart, intellect and creativity can truly flourish.

The Maitreya School was established in April of 2012 and began with 62 students. The number of students has risen to over 200 now, and they hope to continue to expand.

Other Ways You Can Support the Children

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