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5 Ways to Keep Calm at Work

Your boss expects that report to get done by the end of the day, and it’s already after three in the afternoon. And now you get told that the deal you’ve spearheaded is on the verge of falling apart.

It’s times like that where you must take a moment to collect yourself, or else you could very well explode. Not only is that embarrassing for your career, but it’s terrible for your health to get that stressed.

Do a Brief Meditation

The great thing about meditating is that it can get done anywhere. While you may not slip into as deep of a feeling of concentration as you would at home, a few brief moments of peace have lasting results.

If possible, close your door, turn off the lights, or go sit in your vehicle for a few moments to take a breather. Set a five-minute alarm on your phone while silencing everything else, and do nothing but focus on your breathing as it enters and exits your body.

Cut Out Multitasking

While today’s employer would love to hire one person who can do the work of three, studies show time and again that multitasking does more harm than good. A lot of your daily stress can get attributed to starting multiple projects at one time, and never completing one fully.

Try focusing on just one task at one time, and only move on when you complete it. Or, if you do get forced to change over to something else, only give the job at hand your full attention.


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Don’t Get Dehydrated

We now know that eight glasses of water daily isn’t always required, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t dehydrated. Studies show that drinking water, in addition to keeping you healthy, may also activate cortisol, a hormone that helps fight stress.

When you feel your head pounding, you probably need a few sips to keep you calm. You can keep on top of your hydration needs easier, however, by purchasing a refillable bottle and keeping it close.

Purchase a Desk Plant

Artificial plants don’t only look cheesy, but they do little more than collect dust. If you have a real, living plant in your office, it might help you keep your cool during the day.

Some plants naturally purify the air around you, helping you think even more clearly than before. Plus, your space will smell better, too.

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