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How Seasons Change Your Mood

Everyone knows that plants need sunlight to make food. However, you might not know that your body, too, relies on sunlight.

Depending on how much light you see, as well as its intensity, often impacts which hormones that your body produces. That is why you may feel unstoppable when you hit the beach in summer but depressed in the winter.

Summer: Best and Brightest

Do you ever feel like your senses stay sharper during summer? Your natural attention span generally improves during the summer, which explains why people seem to pursue dating more aggressively.

When it feels like nothing can hold you back, you accomplish more goals. That is why it seems like more of your friends are getting married in hotter seasons, or why you want to complete huge decisions.


Autumn: Cozy Weather for Deeper Thinking

There is a benefit to your midterms coming up in the fall season. Your memory is working at its peak performance in autumn, making it the perfect time to get in some extra studying.

If you feel inclined to start a new project or pursue a different hobby, it’s because your brain is ready to get challenged. Work that extra mental muscle while you can and enjoy the rewards.


Winter: A Time of Letting Go

Even though people don’t need to hibernate as bears do, that doesn’t mean that you don’t to a degree. Fewer hours of direct sunlight forces your body to slow its metabolism.

If you seem like you only want to eat rich, fatty food and sleep, it’s because you do. Less sunlight and fresh air also contribute to depression, which is why it may feel more severe when it’s cold outside.


Spring: Renewal and Growth

When it seems as though you forget everything lately, it’s honestly a natural aspect of the spring season. Your mind is relearning what it’s like to level out your natural hormones and enzymes, and your brain is trying to resharpen after hibernation signals.

Stay patient with yourself as you try and feel normal again, and don’t take on too much in the same day. You’re going to need time to feel like you’re at peak capacity, but summer will be here soon enough.

Find Your Balance

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