Find Balance with These Four Elixirs

Life seems to stay hectic, doesn’t it?

When you work full-time, have kids, or take care of others, there rarely seems to be enough hours in your days.

All the while, however, that additional stress is taking a toll, even if it doesn’t feel so harmful. Below, we want to showcase four of our products specifically made to find balance in your life.


Detox Veda is among our most potent elixirs, containing more than 122 all-natural plant-based ingredients. You will find that Detox Veda soothes the body, targeting the liver, gallbladder, urinary tract, and other vital areas of the body.

In addition to aiding your body in eliminating toxins, many users discover healthier hair and nails as well. As a potent blend of vitamins and nutritional supplements, Detox Veda leaves you feeling balanced from the inside out.


Our Detox Veda formula supports the body in its natural process of detoxification, targeting the liver, as well as providing comprehensive, full system, cleansing and nourishment.


Our elixir stays intended for those who need to feel a surge of vitality and energy, no matter their age.

Whether you’ve had a challenging day at the office or you’re feeling the effects of growing older, we have perfected the secret to feeling and looking youthful and vibrant. When you discover yourself spending too much time giving in to fatigue, Prana Veda can help awaken your mind, your libido, and more.


This energy and beauty elixir balances hormones and continues to be one of our most popular in the line up…


The reason why more anti-aging products remain ineffective is they work narrowly with a short list of ingredients, some of which aren’t even natural. Guruji’s Grace combines thousands of years of traditional medicine and modern chemistry for a vitality serum that works.

One of the many secrets is our vegan Omega-3 fatty acids and Calcium-D Glucarate that naturally assist with repairing cells. When you need a more effective way to turn back the clock, Guruji’s Grace remains a top seller.


Cogni Veda promotes mental clarity, memory, mood stability and sustained mental energy. This is one of our most popular elixirs and for good reason, it works.


Few things leave your life feeling unbalanced as difficulty sleeping night after night. Whether you have many stressors affecting you or chronic insomnia, Cogni Veda should become a part of your nightly routine. Anna, CogniVeda should be taken in the Am to assist with focus and mental clarity throughout the day. An effect of Cogniveda is dreams become more lucid.

Our blend remains practical at enhancing your mood, giving you better focus, promotes deeper sleeping and even elevated creativity. Everyone knows that a better night’s sleep leads to better days ahead.

Rediscover Balance in Your Life

If you feel as if you’re caught sailing amongst the storm, then any of our all-natural healing products can help. And if you subscribe to our auto shipment service, we’ll take off an additional 15% on every order.