Can Stress Kill You?

Stress: The Not-So-Silent Killer

You swore that the next coworker who asked you a stupid question would receive your wrath. And when Debra asks where the Johnson file is for the third time, you let her have it.

Your face grows red and wet, and your temples start throbbing. Once you finished berating them, you can’t help but feel like the room is spinning.

It’s then that you wake up in the emergency room, narrowly avoiding a heart attack. What most people don’t understand is that stress can quickly turn deadly.

It’s a Leading Cause of Fatality

Interestingly enough, you likely won’t see a walking or marathon event for stress. And yet, chronic stress maintains a 50% fatality rate when someone experiences symptoms.

Even if someone has never had a cardiac episode before, it can be enough to kill them. That is why physicians are always praising preventative techniques for lowering blood pressure.

Lifestyle Choices Can Worsen Stress

As your hands tremble and your breath comes faster, you storm out of the room, mumbling that you need a smoke. Any habitual cigarette smoker will tell you that it eases their shaky nerves.

However, the exact opposite is true, and smoking worsens your circulation, blood pressure, and even stress. Before you add fuel to your fire, consider seeking out healthier alternatives.


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Ayurvedic Cardiovascular and Heart Support

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Manage Emotional Stress

Much of our stress is emotional stress or worrying about letting down a loved one or hurting a friend’s feelings. However, emotional stress can completely take over your mind and drive you to your breaking point.

Manage emotional stressors helps you maintain your nervous system. Without pursuing dieting, exercise, meditation, or other natural ways of fighting stress, your nervous system quickly gets hijacked.

Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

Stress impacts your blood pressure, but starting with poor circulatory health only worsens your chances of recovering. When you maintain a healthier heart, it means that it takes longer for it to begin pounding when you start tensing up. Some supplements can help to assist in optimizing your stress hormones.

A healthier heart is always one that transports oxygen more efficiently, keeping the rest of your body healthier. Through regular exercise, you can have a heart that pumps blood more consistently, even when you run into trouble.

We believe in a holistic approach to your physical and metal health.

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